About Murray & Bee

Murray & Bee is a parent-to-parent marketplace & community where you can safely source & sell great stuff for your great kids.

As parents, we want to spoil our children with the best things and strong values. We're just built that way. The problem is that the best stuff tends to cost quite a lot and can get outgrown pretty quickly. This isn't ideal for those that appreciate good value & good values.

That's why we created a place where you can buy great things for your children from other local like-minded parents and pick it up directly from them or through one of our local bee hives. All items are carefully curated ,all transactions are backed by us and you can sell your items or donate them to local charities.

With Murray & Bee, you can pay less & earn more while reducing wasted stuff & space. It really is.....

The Smart way to spoil your kids.